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What if Every Tool Your School Used Never Got Out of Date?

MySchoolWorx – constantly new, continually keeping you ahead. If your school uses MySchoolWorx, you already know why we call it the World’s easiest to use school information management application. As a MSW user, you also know it’s packed with powerful features that help make your school work life easier, and those features just keep growing and getting better. Because MSW is cloud-based, updates and new features appear real-time without having to upload or download anything – they are automatic.  Recent enhancements include:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HOMEWORK SINGLE VIEW
  • Enhanced Homework View allows students and parents to view all upcoming assignments and homework from a single view. The Homework section shows each class for each day, along with any homework and other assignments.
  • Lesson Plan Quick Publish/Weekly: MSW has added a new Lesson Plan feature that allows Administrators and Teachers the ability to quickly publish and “un-publish” lesson plans with a single click, and publish plans for an entire week. Efficient!
  • Lesson Plan Changes? Just Click, Drag & Drop: No need to recreate a lesson plan – Administrators and Teachers can copy, or move lesson plans to any class on any day with a simple click, drag and dropJust one more way we make Lesson Plans quick and easy.
  • Notes create a bigger picture: Not all information that you need to record about student is grade or discipline-related. Our new Notes feature lets Admins and Teachers add pertinent notes to a student’s record, and set them to be viewable to specific users or groups. Notes can be tagged with a related event or topic and notifications can be sent out via messages when a new comment or note is added. Convenient.
Even more exciting enhancements are taking place right now. MySchoolWorx is continually growing to meet the needs of educators and parents.  It’s always cutting edge; just keeps getting better. Which got us wondering, wouldn’t it be great if everything got better – and easier—like MySchoolWorx? If your SIS program doesn’t improve constantly and seamlessly to make your school work life easier, give us a look.                                                                                                                                                                                           To request a free trial of MySchoolWorx, click here.