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The Zen of Software Customer Service

Do quality technical support and customer service matter to you? They do to us.Question Mark

Maybe that’s because we’re consumers too.

We buy a product or service and no matter how easy it is to use, we have a question. It might be a simple question, but a speedy answer can make all the difference.

How quickly we get a response and how helpful the representative is are key factors in our satisfaction.

Trouble is, you can find poor or lazy service anywhere, even in the world of software.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index 2015 Telecommunications and Information Report, customer satisfaction for computer software in the US is down from 77% to 74%.

Smiling customer serviceSome believe this decline can be attributed to a combination of an ever growing list of smaller applications that scrimp on service and support, and consumers’ desire for accessing more programs via mobile devices.

At CloudGeex, makers of MySchoolWorx, we also believe a major contributing factor is the trend of more and more software companies navigating away from live technical support in favor of online self-help tools and guides.

These tools certainly play a valuable role in enhancing the user experience, and we continue to grow our own library of self-help tools.   However, self-help tools aren’t the most important aspect of help in our view. To us, the very essence of the word “help” means that assistance is required. And live, friendly, assistance is what we are committed to delivering in each and every interaction.

In fact, we’re so passionate about tech support and service we’ve made it part of our product.MSW Customers Are Saying (Our 24/7 live technical support comes with our product – there are no extra fees for our support service.)

Perhaps that is why our customer service is ranked so much higher than other companies.   While other folks are floundering around in the 70’s – we’re consistently above that, always in constant pursuit of 100%; something unheard of in the software application100 PERCENT Satisfied business. In fact, we’re proud to share that our service team not only has a 100% customer satisfaction rating, but a 91% GREAT score from our customers.

Even (and perhaps most importantly) at the height of our busiest season – the Fall school term start – when there are thousands of new teachers and new parents coming on board, our customers consistently give us high marks for our service.

Why? Because we’re like you – we know that it’s not just the functions and features of a product that matters, it’s the people behind them.

So a big shout out to our wonderful customers. Thank you for your high marks, lovely comments and your loyalty. Making you happy is our chief concern.  And to our amazing support team – you make us proud!

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