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MySchoolWorx Users Help Make Us Better Every Day

It’s no secret that we have a brand new edition of MySchoolWorx coming out soon (MSW 2.0!). Like our current version, it is 100% cloud-based, which means that – among many other things – users can enjoy new features and functions as they are added real-time, without interruptions in use. We’ll have much more exciting information on 2.0 to share soon.    

Right now we want to share some recent enhancements our customers are enjoying today. These aren’t just our ideas. At MySchoolWorx, we take our customers’ needs to heart. Our users (teachers, admins, parents and students) can all send us their requests and feedback directly by pressing a button within the MySchoolWorx app. Cool, huh? Below are some recently completed updates and enhancements to our current edition – many inspired by our customers:

  • Admin Reviews for “Discipline Events”: The “Administrator Review” gives Admins an even easier way to review behavioral events prior to publishing parent alerts on incidents. Important.
  • Add Comments to “Student Transcripts“: Adding comments to a student’s transcript can be easily accomplished to provide more thorough documentation. Because when it comes to transcripts, sometimes, more really is more helpful.
  • New Message Display in “Message Alerts”: One of the many special notifications MySchoolWorx makes available to all of its users is the Message Alert. Now, Alerts are fully displayed within the body of your external email when users turn on the External Email option in MySchoolWorx Alerts. Just another way to make sure parents don’t miss out on timely information.
  • Mandatory Attendance Setting. This request by some of our partner schools not using block or A/B scheduling helps maintain complete attendance records. Administrators can set the feature to require attendance from teachers every day in order to proceed to the next. Thorough.
  • Expanded Report Options. Did you know that other programs actually charge their schools for reports? Not us! In fact, MySchoolWorx reports not only contain a plethora of report choices – all performed with just a point and click – they’re easily customizable and can all be generated quickly on demand. The most recent “Reports” option includes the addition of parent information. Create your own reports easily in MySchoolWorx – as much as you want – it’s free.
  • Lunch Order Report – Sort and Export Option. Group students together how you want when you select the option to sort lunch reports by student name or by grade level. For quick and easy report sorting or editing of any lunch report an Export option has also been added.
  • Increased Administrative Control of Academic Information. Administrators have the option to restrict access to student cumulative academic information from teachers simply by checking a box on an Administrator’s academic set up page.
Continually growing MySchoolWorx to do more is part of our passion, sothe above are just a few of many more updates in the works. If you’re a MySchoolWorx customer, keep the feedback coming. If you’re not and your school management software doesn’t provide this service, give us a call at (866) 990-2493.

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