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MySchoolWorx Launches Nationwide; Helps K-12 Schools Improve Parent Engagement

Innovative Cloud Solution Keeps Parents Informed, Alleviates School Reporting Burden


MAY 2, 2014 -Digital Enhancements announced today the national launch of MySchoolWorx, a cloud-based solution that makes real-time, robust student performance reporting and parent communications available from smartphones, tablets and computers anywhere, anytime.

The SaaS solution quietly soft-launched last year, quickly amassing a loyal following of K-12 schools throughout  the Southeast U.S. looking to replace costly legacy systems and make access to real-time information easier for parents. MySchoolWorx features include teacher lesson plans, student homework assignments, ongoing gradebook and report cards; providing parents with instant access to their child’s assignments, schoolwork performance and ongoing GPA.  MySchoolWorx also maintains student medical information, provides a calendar of school-wide and classroom-specific events, and records student behavior for parents. Providing additional convenience to parents and schools are MySchoolWorx lunch, tuition and school fees features, which allow parents to pay for items associated with their child’s education with just a point and click within the application. The solution integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, streamlining school accounting. Simplicity in design and ease of use are hallmarks of MySchoolWorx, guaranteeing a speedy launch for schools and immediate adoption by teachers and parents. “One of our main objectives was to make MySchoolWorx extremely easy to start and use for everyone,” said Timothy Green, a former school administrator and Digital Enhancements co-founder and President. “It’s practically effortless. We’ve also made this very affordable. Schools on tight budgets have been burdened with old technology for too long. Many smaller schools are still using manual processes. We want to put the very latest technology in everyone’s hands.” “What’s exciting for us has been watching parent communications improve since launching MySchoolWorx,” Said  Veronica  Beauregard, principal at Lighthouse Christian Preparatory School in Deland, Florida.   “Our parents are more engaged because they are so much better informed. Beauregard cites MySchoolWorx ease of use as the key. “MySchoolWorx is much more user-friendly than our previous program. Parents can quickly find whatever they need on their child’s progress, and they especially appreciate getting the alerts. This is making a real difference.” For more information on MySchoolWorx, educators can call the nation-wide sales number 866-990-2493, or visit MySchoolWorx online at                                                                                        

About Digital Enhancements: Digital Enhancements is the visionary organization and provider of eLearning and student information management solutions. Their cloud solution helps schools manage the information process and improve parent engagement and student performance. Its mission is to empower administrators, educators, parents and students with the information they need to track, review and improve student performance. The company supplies software systems and consultancy services to public and private schools. To learn more visit:

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