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Getting Started With MySchoolWorx: Parent Tips

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Part 1 of a Series on MySchoolWorx Tips for Parents, this post covers how making the choice to use MySchoolWorx helps schools and parents, and provides tips for launching MySchoolWorx with parents for a smooth transition.

Letting Parents Know They Are Important To You

I like to start with the beginning — even before a parent chooses to enroll their child in your school.  From the very start you can let parents know they are valued at your school, and having MySchoolWorx plays a tangible role in that. Every day we hear from schools who tell us how they are using MySchoolWorx to further engage parents in the active participation of their child’s education. From timely and more accurate completion of homework assignments to better test scores and overall performance, students flourish in and out of the classroom when their parents are more informed and involved.

Parents like having immediate access to their child’s homework assignments and test schedules, because it not only helps them encourage their kids to be prepared, but because it respects parents limited time and busy lives. They enjoy having the ability to find out instantly about important activities and events at their child’s school. And other conveniences MySchoolWorx offers, such as the ability to make tuition payments and place lunch orders just make busy parents’ lives easier. Having MySchoolWorx lets parents know their school cares about Mom and Dad too, not just the student.

Enrollment Tool for Prospective Parents

This is why MySchoolWorx has become such a popular enrollment tool for many private schools. We hear from School Admissions directors who regularly use MySchoolWorx to make a big impact on prospective students’ parents while touring them through their campus with a tablet in hand. Using MySchoolWorx reinforces a school’s commitment to the critical role technology plays in the education for tomorrow’s leaders.

Introducing MySchoolWorx to Existing Parents

Two of the questions we get frequently are, “How will we let parents know we have MySchoolWorx?” and  “How will they know to get started?”

When a school acquires MySchoolWorx, we provide them with tools to let parents know it’s coming and what to expect. Schools receive a PDF flyer they can either send via email, or print and distribute, if they prefer.  Schools may also request a customized flyer with their logo and phone on them, which we provide free of charge. It’s a small “heads up” that “something great is coming”, and that goes a long way toward their participation.

Parent User Guides and Video

Because MySchoolWorx is so intuitive and designed for ease, parents instantly find everything they need from the dashboard and can quickly navigate throughout for more details on their students’ progress, etc.  

However, MySchoolWorx also provides a Parent “How-To” video and downloadable Parent User Guides for as an extra help for parents. Our Knowledgebase is available online anytime for instant access to tips and tools to help guide you through.

Some schools like to email links to these tools to parents prior to login in for the first time, so they have them handy.

Parents Log In

Once a school’s data is imported into the system (also performed at no charge), MySchoolWorx notifies the school then sends parents an email invitation to log in and create their own secure passwords. These emails also include links to the parent tips and tools.

Upon logging in, parents instantly see their dashboard with highlights of their child’s activities, classes, homework, GPA and performance, along with a calendar and messages and alert notifications waiting for them. Parents love MySchoolWorx for how easy it is to access and use, while keeping them informed.

Support to Rave About – For Parents, Too!

While other products provide technical support only to their schools (and often at an additional fee), MySchoolWorx’s live, local, technical support is always available—and always free – not just to school staff, but parents as well! Parents, teachers and admins can always talk to a live person, 24/7/365, simply by calling one number:  866-990-2493. For those who prefer email, they may contact us there as well at [email protected]. We’re always available to answer questions.

Share Your Parent Stories

Next post, we’ll talk about how parents are using MySchoolWorx to help their kids, and make their lives easier. Do you have a story to share on how MySchoolWorx has helped a parent, student or teacher at your school? If so, we’d love to hear from you. You can post your stories in the comments below.