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Digital Geek is Now Digital Enhancements

We’ve been very busy this year in the Digital Geek development lab enhancing MySchoolWorx to provide even more features and functions. Which only makes sense as our number one mission is to enhance the everyday lives of teachers, administrators, parents and students. MySchoolWorx is so successful, in part, because it is continually growing to meet today’s modern education needs, and those of the future.  We are committed to making MySchoolWorx always fresh, always a step ahead, and always easy to use and own. While we’ve been busy creating exciting upgrades to our products, we’ve also upgraded our development company name from Digital Geek to Digital Enhancements. We think the new name more aptly describes what we do, and gives us a broader umbrella for creating even more tools to enhance the lives of educators, parents and students everywhere. We love serving the education community, and have lots in store for the rest of 2014 and the 2014/15 school year!

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