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Boosting Enrollment with Cloud SIS

“Our parents are more engaged because they are so much better informed. [They] can now quickly find whatever they need on their child’s progress, and they especially appreciate getting the alerts. This is making a real difference.”

That’s Veronica Beauregard talking about how using cloud-based SIS MySchoolWorx is helping at Lighthouse Christian Prep in Deland, Florida.  Beauregard and other school admins are finding that a robust cloud-based school management application can do more than increase parent engagement and student performance – it can be a great recruitment and enrollment tool as well.

For some, the approach is very direct.

“We’ve had schools tell us how they are demonstrating our application during parent tours,” says James Gardner, former teacher, education operations professional and now COO at MySchoolWorx.  “I’ve heard from admission directors who carry an iPad with them as they walk their campus with the parents and show how them how their parents access information about their child’s homework assignments, test scores and report cards.  This has such a big impact in the enrollment process because more than ever parents are looking for ways to be connected with their kids’ education.”

tablet MySchoolWorxMySchoolWorx also helps busy parents by giving them the ability to pay for lunches, field trips and tuition online, a convenience that makes life easier for today’s busy parents.

“It’s a great way to demonstrate that your school’s technology savvy goes beyond a computer lab or a handful of tablets when the school itself  ‘walks the technology walk’ by using technology in ways that are especially meaningful and helpful to parents,” Gardner says.

Matt Green, MySchoolWorx Chief Technology Officer agreed.  “Some of our schools are taking that even one step further by using the actual data and reports gleaned from MySchoolWorx to share with parents of prospective students in admissions discussions, and to share with existing parents throughout the year and prior to re-enrollment time,” he said.  It’s a good way to show how your school really shines academically. “

MySchoolWorx offers easy to run reports on more than the individual level.  Admins can generate real time reports with just a click and drag for overall school, grade level, and classroom and subject performance, and a wide variety of custom reports as well.

According to Gardner, schools are also leveraging their software application in other, less direct ways to increase enrollment: parent word of mouth.

He says that all comes down to satisfied parents – Like Veronica Beauregard’s – who talk to other parents in their circles of influence about their child’s school.

Kelli Helli, Assistant Principal at Eastland Christian School in Orlando, sums it up simply: “Parents love this.”

In addition to promoting MySchoolWorx on their web sites and in school tours, principals and school admissions professionals know how important parent satisfaction is to word of mouth marketing for their schools.

“There is nothing like the power of firsthand experience from a current parent to a parent of a prospective student,” says Gardner.

Schools can request a free trial of MySchoolWorx here.