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See you at the Fall Educators Conferences…

It’s that time of year when educators gather to share training, techniques and experiences. We’re looking forward attending many of the conferences to share how MySchoolWorx works, and show you what’s new. Our schedule is growing but thus far you’ll find our crew at the following events:   SEPT 21-23, 2016 – Southeast Christian School […]

MySchoolWorx Users Help Make Us Better Every Day

It’s no secret that we have a brand new edition of MySchoolWorx coming out soon (MSW 2.0!). Like our current version, it is 100% cloud-based, which means that – among many other things – users can enjoy new features and functions as they are added real-time, without interruptions in use. We’ll have much more exciting information […]

The Zen of Software Customer Service

Do quality technical support and customer service matter to you? They do to us. Maybe that’s because we’re consumers too. We buy a product or service and no matter how easy it is to use, we have a question. It might be a simple question, but a speedy answer can make all the difference. How […]

Earn extra income selling MyWebWorx website services from home.

The makers of MySchoolWorx have an exciting opportunity for web-savvy folks who want to make extra income while working from home. MyWebWorx is our newest product: amazing, beautiful websites that are automatically responsive to smartphones and tablets.  And we need folks to help us keep up with the demand. Businesses of all sizes need to […]

Making School Life Easier

It’s officially Fall, which means it’s Fall educator conference time, and MySchoolWorx is busy meeting school administrators and teachers at conferences sharing our story. In the past couple weeks we’ve been blessed to meet with some great schools in West Virginia, Myrtle Beach and Tennessee.   In addition to our helpful ambassadors, MySchoolWorx CTO Matt […]

Show Your Love4Malawi With Bags4Change

I want to tell you about some very exciting BIG things going on behind the scenes at MySchoolWorx.     Project Hopetown is a big undertaking by the Clyde F. Green Foundation, to build a village of Hope for the citizens of the Republic of Malawi in Africa. MySchoolWorx has been involved from the very […]

Getting Started With MySchoolWorx: Parent Tips

Part 1 of a Series on MySchoolWorx Tips for Parents, this post covers how making the choice to use MySchoolWorx helps schools and parents, and provides tips for launching MySchoolWorx with parents for a smooth transition. Letting Parents Know They Are Important To You I like to start with the beginning — even before a […]

Opportunity Knocks: Seeking MySchoolWorx Cloud Ambassadors

MySchoolWorx is enjoying unprecedented success. We are expanding to help schools across the US realize easier student information management and instant parent communications. We are currently looking for quality remote sales ambassadors to add to our team. MySchoolWorx Cloud Ambassadors combine their skills, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to earn unlimited, residual income, while working flexible […]

Visit with MySchoolWorx at These Fall Education Conferences

Meet the Team, See What’s New We’re gearing up for a great Fall Education Conference experience and hope to see you there! MySchoolWorx team members will be on hand at the above 2014 fall conferences. This will be the perfect time to meet some of the MySchoolWorx team face to face and see what’s new […]

Boosting Enrollment with Cloud SIS

“Our parents are more engaged because they are so much better informed. [They] can now quickly find whatever they need on their child’s progress, and they especially appreciate getting the alerts. This is making a real difference.” That’s Veronica Beauregard talking about how using cloud-based SIS MySchoolWorx is helping at Lighthouse Christian Prep in Deland, […]

How Private Schools with Tiny Budgets are Funding Technology

As more private and independent schools struggle to find funding for basics, sometimes things that will advance their schools and their students – like technology — can get sidelined. The reality is, technology is a new “basic” today’s schools can’t do without in order to thrive. Yours may be among many small independent or private […]

When smartphones + Kids = good news


There seems to be no shortage of news about unfortunate events involving youth and cell phones. From bullying texts to online predatory scares to an increase in nearsightedness, cell phones – and smartphones in particular – are influencing our kid’s daily lives in ways we might not have hoped.The reality is that cell phones are […]

MySchoolWorx Launches Nationwide; Helps K-12 Schools Improve Parent Engagement

Innovative Cloud Solution Keeps Parents Informed, Alleviates School Reporting Burden   MAY 2, 2014 -Digital Enhancements announced today the national launch of MySchoolWorx, a cloud-based solution that makes real-time, robust student performance reporting and parent communications available from smartphones, tablets and computers anywhere, anytime. The SaaS solution quietly soft-launched last year, quickly amassing a loyal […]

Digital Geek is Now Digital Enhancements

We’ve been very busy this year in the Digital Geek development lab enhancing MySchoolWorx to provide even more features and functions. Which only makes sense as our number one mission is to enhance the everyday lives of teachers, administrators, parents and students. MySchoolWorx is so successful, in part, because it is continually growing to meet […]

Can we keep up with the explosion of knowledge and information?

Consider the lowly encyclopedia. If you’re from my generation, you remember hard copy encyclopedias as a primary source of information for fact-finding and writing school papers.  I can still recall many a late night poring through the heavy hard-bound texts of the library during my college years.  Back in those days, we saw information perhaps […]

What if Every Tool Your School Used Never Got Out of Date?

MySchoolWorx – constantly new, continually keeping you ahead. If your school uses MySchoolWorx, you already know why we call it the World’s easiest to use school information management application. As a MSW user, you also know it’s packed with powerful features that help make your school work life easier, and those features just keep growing […]

3 Reasons Why Parents Don’t Get Involved in their Child’s Education

Sad couple with underachiever teenage boy doing homework

We all agree, student performance would improve if parents were more actively involved in their education. For every helicopter parent, it seems there are three who don’t participate in typical parental activities and responsibilities regarding their child’s schooling.If the value of parental involvement seems like just commons sense, it’s good to know that research backs […]

Tablets: the ultimate learning devices?

Tablets-Learning Device

It may surprise you to know that tablets are not all that new. The concept dates back to the late 1950’s and personal computers themselves. Since then, several companies have had big dreams for the devices, which have gradually evolved through trial and error into what they are today. And while the first commercially introduced […]

The Great Homework Debate

Teen Doing Homework

Few topics on educating our youth polarize parents and education experts the way homework does.From how much is enough/too much, to what grades, if any, should be excluded, to which subjects yield the best return from homework; people can’t seem to agree.Adding fuel to the fire: a myriad of conflicting studies. Consider the issue of […]